Qualification Code Deadline

Qualification Code Deadline

Deadline is Thursday, October 12

Exam Booklet

All students MUST have their Exam Booklet (red book) signed by parents & teachers. Then bring your completed book to the Front Desk to have your Qualification Code checked. If everything is complete, then this registers you for Graduation and you'll receive your Purple Stripe!


Register for Fitness at the Front Desk.  Fitness is for Black Belt Exams, Instructor Exams, any Red Belt or Black Stripes Trials and High Performance & Competitive!

Black Belts

You MUST have your checklist requirements completed.

Bring your Black Belt Manual and supporting documents to the Front Desk to receive your Purple Stripe.

Graduation Dates

Students must have Purple Stripe to attend graduation.

Graduations are on:

Saturday, October 21 (EDMONTON)

Sunday, Oct 22 (GRANDE PRAIRIE)

Qualification Code

The above requirements MUST be completed by
Thursday, October 12th
Graduation is on:
EDM: Saturday, October 21st
GP:  Sunday, October 22nd