History of Tien Lung

Terry Wisniewski took the first steps to achieve his goal when he was instrumental in establishing the non-profit society, which became the first Tien Lung School in Edmonton in 1992. They began with a modest enrollment of 50 students and grew to the present number of 600 students. Dojang headquarters remains in Edmonton, where students train directly with “Mr. and Mrs. Wiz” as the Wisniewski’s are known to their students. In 2001, the operation was expanded to include a school in Halifax. In 2004, a third location was opened on the south side of Edmonton. In the fall of 2006, a fourth school opened in Grande Prairie.

All Tien Lung schools are non-profit clubs dedicated to the quality instruction of the original scientifically-researched Taekwondo and its moral culture. Very few people have been able to answer the demand for perfection of scientific techniques insisted on by General Choi. Political pressures and desire for profit have resulted in a number of organizations, schools, clubs and federations claiming to teach Taekwondo, but failing to follow the principles, tenets, teachings or even techniques set forth by General Choi.

Here are General Choi’s views on the proliferation of “sham” Taekwondo: “It is one of nature’s ironies that delicate plants such as orchids or tulips require extreme care, while weeds flourish with no attention at all. Wild panic grass, easily mistaken for wheat or rice, can actually prevent the growth of the genuine article. I cannot help but despair over the tainted image of Taekwondo recently created by practitioners of sham Taekwondo, who have nothing in common with the origin and art form except for a borrowed name.”