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Breaking Competition

Breaking has become the “Why the hell not” category for ITF .  Few people train for it, they just enter and hope for the best (there are exceptions, most notably the New Zealand and Tien Lung competitors). It is the location where they tend to send the most inexperienced and unreliable judges, because it is not as high a profile event as sparring or patterns. In addition, hardly anybody

Judging ITF Patterns

Figure skating, diving, synchronized swimming, dance competitions,  free style skiing, cheerleading, surfing, equestrian dressage, water skiing, snowboard ½ pipe, gymnastics, trampoline, ski jumping, Karate or Kung Fu forms (more&

McDojo? No, Mercedes? YES!

A McDojo is a derogatory term used for schools that pump out low quality Black Belts.  It stems from the implication that McDonald's produces low quality food.  The truth is McDonald's was the first restaurant to use “factory” methods to produce a specific type of food, quickly and consistently.  They do not try to produce gourmet meals or exotic cultural dishes. [caption id="attachment_

Tien Lung Family Speaks Out

From: xxxxx Subject: Support Phone: 780-000-0000 Subject: Support Location: Edmonton South Message Body: Good morning, On behalf of our family we wanted to offer you all support during this stressful time. The news broadcast couldn't have been more one sided

Art vs Sport

We chose ART!! I sometimes hear people say that they would never sign their children up for three of four years for any sport.  I agree, neither would I, nor have I with my own daughter. One year...yes, three or four would be crazy! These same people say that children should try many sports:

  • Gymnastics
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Horseback r

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